Sustainable Care Solutions for Businesses to Reduce Health Costs

Sustainable Care Solutions Introductory Enrollment Plan

For Businesses To Improve Health Care for Their Employees and Reduce Costs Using Homeopathy

Our program is easy to implement:

  1. Inner Health provides you with educational materials and resources introducing the program to your employees.  We can provide a live Teleconference by our Director and Master Homeopath to introduce the practitioners, program and the benefits of Homeopathy for you as well.

  2. Employees sign up for seven month which include an initial consultation, six monthly homeopathic consultations, a series of free homeopathic remedies, a year subscription to a health and wellness eZine, and Teleconference Lectures focusing on nutrition, exercise and other health related topics taught by professionals personally selected by Inner Health.

  3. Session 1: Initial Holistic Medical Treatment
    A 1-2 hour phone consultation with a Certified Homeopath to understand employee's chief issue and discuss how to use remedies. Employee will be sent a deep acting, individualized remedy to immediately start addressing their medical issue.

    Session 2: How to use Holistic Medicine to Heal You
    First 20-30 minute follow-up phone consultation to monitor progress of individual treatment plan and to instruct employee how to manage his/her own treatment.

    Session 3: Obstacles to be Removed for Cure
    Second 20-30 minute follow-up phone consultation to continue monitoring progress, to and assess any obstacles preventing cure.  Session include lifestyle recommendations.

    Session 4: Using Homeopathy for Flu and Other Acute Minor Illnesses
    Third 20-30 minute follow-up phone consultation to continue monitoring individualized homeopathic treatment followed by advice using Homeopathy for First Aid, colds, flu etc.

    Session 5: Quality of Life Assessment with Recommendations
    Fourth 20-30 minute follow-up phone consultation for continued monitoring of treatment plan.  Assessment of Quality of life issues such as stress management, improving relationships, concentration and vitality discussed with recommendations made.

    Session 6: Personal Health Plan for the Future
    Fifth 20-30 minute follow-up phone consultation for continued monitoring of treatment plan.  Long term action plan created on continued use of Homeopathy after employee is discharged from the plan.

  4. Employees can expect to use SCS for reducing health insurance costs, absenteeism, and supporting better wellness for their employees by offering full homeopathic care for chronic diseases, acutes, etc. We will provide regular surveys for two years to monitor actual ROI for employer.

Please call 617-491-3374 for more information.

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