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I'm a social entrepreneur who wants to change the world by making homeopathy a household word. I'm a homeopath, co-founder of the Catalyst School of Homeopathy, and advocate for homeopathy. I was a war journalist in Afghanistan with the intention to show it was possible to have peace there.

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Are there medicines that are safe, effective, and low in cost?

It's called Homeopathy!

You are probably a lot like me--you do your best to help others and to do no harm, you buy organic whenever possible, you seek out natural products, you care deeply about the environment and the kind of world you will leave for your children.

You don't want to use pharmaceutical products unless absolutely necessary, especially when hardly a week goes by without a medicine being recalled, or a celebrity dying from some deadly prescribed chemical cocktail, or lawyers announcing another class action suit to try to compensate the victims of adverse drug reactions.

You are bombarded with TV ads, which end in hushed tones with an almost endless list of horrendous side effects&suicidal thoughts, seizures, blindness, heart attacks and strokes. Side effects that often sound worse than the ailment they are supposed to alleviate. You know you ignore them at your peril.

Yet, you have a chronic problem or someone you know is suffering--maybe it's headaches, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, allergies, insomnia or anxiety, to mention just a few, and you want real healing for all your physical, mental and emotional problems, not just symptom management. You long for inside out healing, where your system is encouraged to use its innate abilities to restore health. We have the perfect solution:


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Get Your Go Green

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  • "Once you understand the basics of choosing the best paths to get healthy and stay healthy, our choices can change the world!"
    Melissa Burch
    CCH, RsHom(NA)

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