Catalyst School of Homeopathy

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Be the Best You Can Be
Make A Living in the Fastest Growing
Field in Holistic Medicine--Homeopathy!

You can have a thriving homeopathic practice,
and ensure optimum health for yourself,
your family and your clients...

There are Only 293 Certified Homeopaths
in the United States Today1
Over 3 Million Adults Using
Homeopathy in the United States2

It's an Amazing Opportunity Waiting for You...

You can work with people in an extraordinary way and help them to return to health, find fulfillment and extend their longevity.

This work also has a great side effect; it will help you evolve as a person to the highest level possible, with new levels of awareness that mean you will live in much greater harmony with yourself and others.

Homeopathy is not only a natural, safe and effective medicine for you, your family and your clients... it is a whole new way of life. A life less ordinary. A wonderful life that transforms everything it comes into contact with.

Are you ready to:

  • transform obstacles in your life
  • be passionate about your work
  • earn a good living
  • become a certified homeopath?

If your answer is a resounding YES then we are ready to take this journey together...

First we will work to restore your own health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that you have the personal resources to draw on to be a great homeopath.

Secondly, with guidance from your highly experienced teachers, you'll expand your knowledge and experience until you not only fully understand homeopathy, you totally embody it.

What we can do for you

We offer a rigorous Classical homeopathy education, clinical experience using Sensation Method case-taking and analysis, a solid inner practice and business coaching. Our program fulfills the Council for Homeopathic Certification Requirements to be certified as a homeopathic practitioner in the United States or Canada.

This exceptional training will set the stage for you to make a living and become not only a fine homeopath, but an outstanding person. Best of all, this is a training that is tailor made for you, not one size fits all. You can begin where you are.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice, at a very advanced stage or already in practice. Our promise to you is the same...a truly individualized, holistic homeopathic education that ensures that you emerge from the process with everything you need to be a successful, effective, life-changing homeopathic practitioner!

In fact the modular design of our course means that with focus and dedication you can become a certified homeopathic practitioner in just three years.3

There is no substitute for clinical experience

We understand that to be successful as a homeopath you need to have extensive clinical training. The clinic setting is where everything you study comes together in a living, breathing experience of homeopathy.

For this reason at the heart of the program are The Catalyst School of Homeopathy's Monthly 3 Day Clinics in Boston & Boulder areas. These clinics are intimate on site and hands-on opportunities to see and take cases, work with your mentors, and bond as a community with your fellow students and teachers. They are available as "live distance" modules if you cannot travel.

In addition, Inner Health's Distance Learning Program and Mentorship Supervision also puts the focus on the importance of clinical practice in developing your proficiency. You will have one on one help with your case taking, analysis, prescribing and case management to ensure you are fully supported as you learn to prescribe accurately and effectively.

By the end of our three year program you will exceed CCH certification clinical hour requirements by well over 100 hours!

What the Sensation Method can do for you

"Sensation Method is based on all the fundamentals of Classical Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnmenan's Organon, traditional Materia Medica and Repertories.

Sensation method builds on this firm foundation with a significant refinement in case-taking and analysis that, once mastered, can mean an 80% success rate in your prescriptions. Many Sensation Method cases go to what is known as "Source," where the patient will directly speak the language of the remedy they need...

This is an extraordinary experience both for you, as the homeopath, and for your clients and means you can be confident that your prescriptions will go on to produce very significant benefits.

It's an exciting and cutting edge way to treat people."
Melissa Burch, CCH, RsHom (NA)

What you can do for your community

Currently there are fewer than 300 certified homeopaths in the US. We are here to change this phenomenon. We firmly believe that homeopathy is destined to become the medicine of choice in the twenty first century.

Homeopathic medicines are never tested on animals. Homeopathy is a truly green and sustainable approach to healthcare that does not pollute our environment and uses minimal amounts of the earth's precious resources by giving tiny doses to treat clients at an energetic level. There are numerous scientific studies proving the efficacy of homeopathy and its plausibility scientifically.4

Homeopaths are in the forefront of the field of Quantum Medicine. Our aim is to bring about a paradigm shift to make homeopathy a household word throughout the US, with more and more homeopaths setting up professional practices to work with people, naturally and safely, to restore their health.

Here is your chance to be one of them...

Join us on our mission and radically change your life for the better in the process...

How we can support you

Our program is designed to train homeopaths to be expert clinicians and earn a good living. We will ensure that anyone who completes this program will be able to earn their certification to be a professional homeopath and serve their community professionally and effectively.

"I was ready to quit homeopathy before I came to Inner Health's trainings--I spent a great deal of money and time on my homeopathic education and still, I didn't feel confident about finding good remedies for my clients, I had a small practice, and felt totally overwhelmed and alone.

Then I started to learn the Sensation Method and realized I could significantly improve my success rate with my clients--which gave me both confidence and lots of referrals. I dedicated myself to an inner practice which has been amazing, and has totally transformed both my life and my practice of homeopathy.

I'm part of a growing, loving and evolved homeopathic community. There is support for me and my clients when I need it.....I even got CCH certified thanks to Inner Health's insistence!"
Jenny Hwozdek, CCH, RsHom (NA)

Our Highly Experienced Teachers and Mentors

You will be taught by world renowned master homeopaths, including Christopher Beaver, Melissa Burch and Jenny Hwozdek. Between them your teachers will have thousand and thousands of hours of clinical experience and will share that knowledge with you so you too can return your clients to health.

Christopher Beaver, PCH, CCH Candidate was already an internationally recognized shamanic practitioner and teacher with several thousand students when he discovered and embraced homeopathy. Although he quickly established a busy, successful practice using the Sensation Method, he noticed many other homeopaths struggling with what seemed to be a lack of confidence and self esteem. Christopher decided to use his shamanic skills to work with his fellow homeopaths both in groups and one-on-one to transform these obstacles. This continues to be an integral part of his holistic approach to training homeopaths.

Melissa Burch, CCH, RsHom (NA) is the author of numerous homeopathy books including "Vital Expression: A Manual on Homeopathic Case taking" and the proving of Sea Anemone, she is the founder of and an international teacher. Melissa recognized many homeopaths lacked the skills they needed to build a practice, attract clients and keep them. She has created an exemplary business system that brings in new clients and establishes a financially successful business for homeopaths.

Inner Health, founded by Melissa Burch, has been running ongoing teaching clinics for over four years. During that time Inner Health has trained many homeopaths to be excellent coaches in the Sensation Method in live clinical settings, offering one-on-one supervision of paper cases, as well as live internet and phone mentoring. This is an opportunity for you to benefit from this wealth of experience and learn first hand how to use the Sensation Method in your practice and get great results.

All our mentors are exceptionally competent and worked in busy practices. We also have numerous MDs available to offer you supervision, where necessary, in relation to pathology and case management issues.

Jenny Hwozdek, CCH, RsHom (NA) has been teaching, supervising and coaching Inner Health's Apprenticeship and Mentorship Programs for nearly six years. She manages Homeopathic Services, a distance clinical training, Materia Medica resource, case management advice and community support. She is also the host of series.

You deserve nothing but the best to be the best you can be

This training is dedicated to you and will guide you to be the very best you can be. This process begins with effective homeopathic treatment for you. We then offer the tools to transform whatever has been stopping you in life.

We provide a nourishing community that sustains you and a homeopathic education that ensures you will graduate fully capable of making successful prescriptions, managing your cases easily and earning a living.

We will work intensively through monthly 3 Day Clinics held over three years, with additional distance learning modules appropriate to your needs (Homeopathic philosophy, Materia Medica, Case Analysis and Management, Business training and more). We will support you through small study groups and one-on-one supervision.

Are you ready to grow as a person, be inspired, and uncover amazing skills and personal strengths?

Are you ready to become a homeopath and live a life filled with purpose and passion?

If so contact us now to arrange a preliminary interview with Melissa Burch by calling 617-491-3374 or email

The purpose of your interview
with Melissa Burch

This is an exceptional program and we are looking for people with exceptional vision to join us. Melissa takes a personal interest in each and every applicant. Your interview with her is an opportunity for real mutual understanding of your needs and aspirations and those of the Catalyst school, to see if they are a good fit. To ensure the best possible outcome for all applicants and participants, Melissa reserves the right not to offer you a place unless she is confident that taking part is both in your best interests and in the best interests of the group.

A Very Affordable Model

The Catalyst School was to make the program affordable and accessible to the widest possible number of people. For this reason tuition payments are on an easy monthly payment plan. The modular, made to fit, nature of the course means that you can start and stop as you need to for financial or time restraints. Most important of all those taking the program can rest assured that, by the end of it, they will have the confidence, the skills and the certification necessary to begin their new career and start earning a living immediately.


Melissa Burch and Christopher Beaver, founders of the Catalyst School of Homeopathy, have taught hundreds of homeopaths how to significantly improve their case taking and how to apply homeopathy to heal their patients successfully and with confidence.

"The Catalyst School of Homeopathy is an exciting new development. Christopher Beaver is a perceptive homeopathic prescriber, and an experienced and talented shaman. The school is aimed at self development and enhancing homeopathic skills, and is sure to improve your professionals and personal skills."
Jeremy Sherr

"I was excited and intrigued by homeopathy, therefore open to whatever manifested. I have enjoyed and continued to be inspired by my studies, both with Inner Health, and with Christopher Beaver. Of course, I loved all the workshops taught by Beaver."
Melissa Friedman

"We want to send a heart felt thank you to everyone involved at Inner Health. It is an amazing experience to be connected to so many homeopaths that have the clear intention of helping others heal.

We really appreciate everyone who is involved whether it is through the live case clinics, the teaching conference calls or the apprenticeship/mentorship programs. Without Melissa's insights and Jenny's skillful guidance none of this would be possible. We would still be homeopaths each on our own island, rather then being a part of such a wonderful and supportive community.

It is incredible to have a network that can take individuals, from all different backgrounds and levels of experience, and provide each of them with clear and growing understanding of the Sensation Method and Homeopathy as a whole."
"The Syracuse Group"
Bill Dyson
Jack Lawyer
Rosemary Thompson

"The resources at Inner Health for learning Materia Medica, Case Taking, Case Analysis, and the Science of Homeopathy is astounding, and includes the most up-to-date information from the homeopathic and scientific communities. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to immerse myself in homeopathy and be part of this dynamic community of homeopaths."
Nancy Gregory, PD Hom (UK)

"The last six months in the Inner Health program has been one of the most rapid growth periods in my homeopathic career. I came to understand that the Sensation Method casetaking can be learned and even mastered in a supportive environment with the right tools. Casetaking takes us on a spiritual journey between our clients and ourselves, and this journey can make all the difference in the world."
Gary Christiansen

"Melissa Burch, Deborah Monlux and the team at Inner Health have thought of everything a homeopath needs to get their practice up and running and be successful in this our unique vocation. Everything they promised from the program has been delivered. I've just started putting the materials into practice and already I'm seeing a 50% improvement in getting new clients on the very first inquiry."
Pam Fettu

"Melissa Burch is a direct and dynamic instructor who taught us how to achieve better results in our practice. She seamlessly introduced the new method while taking into account other developments in homeopathy - particularly the latest insights from the field of quantum physics that explain how homeopathy ultimately improves not only physical health but boosts levels of creativity, energy and overall well-being.

Her lecture was thoroughly prepared and solidly based in logical thinking as well as on homeopathic philosophy. The cases she showed were built up, with perfect fluency, from the patient's own energetic field. They led without hesitation to the roots of the disturbance and brought to the surface the language of the source. Every case she presented will be remembered not only for its contributions to Materia Medica but also to techniques of case-taking and understanding of the patient."
Christel Lombaerts
Director of Center for Classical Homeopathy in Belgium

"Melissa is a dynamic teacher who has a deep understanding of her philosophy, and an energetic way of conveying this to her class. Even when you think you understand homeopathy through and through, she has a way of clarifying material so that it becomes transparent; then you understand it at a different level. Her cases show a grasp of source language, and therefore remedy, that puts them amongst the most interesting cases I have seen in 23 years. I feel that Melissa is aptly prescribing new remedies fearlessly, and is motivating a wide audience through her teaching. A workshop with her is invigorating, benefiting both patients and practice."
Jenni Tree
English Homeopath
Editor of Vermeulen's books, "Prisma" and "Monera"

"I quickly learned that Melissa's understanding of this Method of case taking was very deep. She is able to arrive at a profound, energetic understanding of her patients and her ability and willingness to share her method and her understanding is practiced in the same way that she does everything in her life-with passion, generosity and with grace."
M. Teresa Bland, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Editor and Publisher of "The Foundation of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of Homeopathy" by Henny Heudens-Mast

"Among the North American teachers of the Sensation Method, Melissa Burch's work is unique and invaluable. I saw her cutting edge vision for herself and for our profession first manifested by her decision to spend 18 months in full immersion study of homeopathy in India in 2003. Next came her excellent workbooks on the method written for Dr. Rajan Sankaran upon her return to the U.S., and now I see her vision manifested in her Inner Health educational programs for the profession and the public. In early 2006, when I was designing a serious educational plan for learning the sensation method for myself, I incorporated Inner Health's mentorship program with tele-training because I knew that this training would be unavailable through any other sensation method training anywhere in the world. As I sat and listened to Dr. Morrison's tele-lecture on the kingdoms last Saturday, I gave thanks again for Melissa's vision and regretted that all homeopaths weren't hearing the lecture. It is a testament to Melissa's generosity of vision and spirit that we now have it available less than one week later. I am looking forward to next listening to Inner Health's radio show. I think in five years, we all may look back and say that Melissa Burch has done more to put homeopathy "on the map" in the northeast U.S. than any other practitioner working today."
Kathy Lukas, Director, New York Center for
Homeopathy and the School of Homeopathy, New York

"Working with Melissa Burch and Jenny Hwozdek in the Inner Health Apprenticeship Program has made a huge impact on my understanding of the Vital Expression, case taking, case management and with better outcomes for the patients I treat. Jenny is patient and very supportive of the novice and the more advanced homeopath. I highly recommend this program to any homeopath who wants to take the next step in more accurate and consistent prescribing. My confidence level has definitely been "potentized."
Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD

"The IH Teleconferences are informative, practical and inspiring, everything that I have come to expect from Inner Health programs. There's no question that the IH Approach to homeopathy is forward thinking. To be successful practitioners, we need to be excellent homeopaths, while staying focused on client care and marketing. Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. Your experience and guidance is much appreciated as I develop as a homeopath and build a successful practice."
Tanya Renner

"Thank you so much for all your work and encouragement during the CCH Bootcamp. Even, if there was no test to take, the review, the exercises, well really the whole course is such a great way to really weave everything I've been studying for so many years into a clear and concise framework. You're an angel in my book!"

"I just got a letter from the CHC today telling me I passed the exam. I'm so thrilled!! I couldn't have done this without your course. It was awesome. I felt prepared. There were no surprises on the test. I feel that your course accurately represented the material that was going to be tested. Your study tips were good."
Dr. Kate Norris, DC

"When I joined Inner Health I never quite realized it was as large group of people as it is. I wanted to develop my Sensation Method skills further and I think I accomplished that. At the same time it gave me a level of confidence I was probably lacking."
Dr. Beth Poindexter

"Melissa Burch is a dedicated homeopath, hard working, and sharp. I was fortunate to have her help in my practice for a year and found that she was always willing to go that extra step to help find the similimum for every patient through persevering research."
Dr. Nandita Shah

To sum up, this offer is unique and unmissable because:

* the program is tailor made for you and your individual needs

* our student to teacher ratio will not exceed 12:1

* the training includes building a sustaining inner practice for yourself

* it combines a full Classical homeopathic training with the huge advantages of the Sensation Method

* all your teachers have extensive clinical experience and are dedicated to showing you how to get the very best results from your prescribing

* the modular nature of the course and its distance learning components mean you can be a certified homeopath (CCH) in 3 years

* we ensure your practice will succeed with advanced mentored business training

* we plan to set up a centralized client referral system to send you clients once you are in practice

* we will continue to offer active community support, case supervision and continuing professional development once you graduate

* we offer easy monthly payment plan for maximum affordability

Reserve Your Space NOW if you want to:

* transform obstacles in your life

* be passionate about your work

* earn a good living

* become a certified homeopath

Make your appointment with Melissa Burch by calling 617-491-3374 or emailing as soon as possible.

There is very limited space as only 50 people will be accepted. The last time we filled up the school within a month.

To your future,

George Papargyris
Manager of Services

PS If you are seeking to become the best homeopath you can be and want to make a living as a homeopath, then this special program is for you!

Please call 617-491-3374 or email to set up an interview to see if you qualify.

Make your appointment with Melissa Burch by calling 617-491-3374 or emailing as soon as possible.


1According the Council for Homeopathic Certification's "Directory of Certified Homeopathic Practitioners" the leading homeopathic certification organization in the United States.

2According to the 2002 US Federal Health Survey stated in P.M Barnes et al., "Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Adults: United States, 2002.

3The Catalyst School of Homeopathy will provide all the required hours for taking your Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), the highest accreditation in Homeopathy in the United States, except the Medical Sciences which are an additional 73 hours of anatomy, physiology, pathology and CPR--and not required by the CHC if you have taken the courses before.

4One example is "The Structure of Liquid Water; Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy," Materials Research Innovations, Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2005.

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  • "Melissa strengthened my confidence in working with this method and sticking to it. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in Sankaran's method."
    Dorit Ratsaby
    Homeopath in New York City and Past participant at Ms. Burch's Workshop
  • "I'm finally beginning to understand this way of working, and it feels so much more integrated than relying on out of context repertory rubrics to guide the way to a remedy."
    Susanne Ziegler
    Homeopath in New Jersey and Past participant at Ms. Burch's Workshop
  • "I quickly learned that Melissa's understanding of this Method of case taking was very deep. She is able to arrive at a profound, energetic understanding of her patients and her ability and willingness to share her method and her understanding is practiced in the same way that she does everything in her life-- with passion, generosity and with grace."
    M. Teresa Bland, CCH, RSHom (NA)
    Editor and Publisher of "The Foundation of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of Homeopathy" by Henny Heudens-Mast

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