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Inner Health is committed to the highest professional standards for homeopathic practice -- and excellent results for homeopathic clients. Using a unique combination of Classical and Modern homeopathic methods, we've created a simple, effective approach to casetaking and analysis. 

Our approach incorporates:

      • Classical homeopathic methods from Dr. Hahnemann to Kent to Boeninghausen,
      • Modern homeopathic methods from homeopaths such as Vithoulkas, Norland, Sherr and Scholten,
      • Sensation Method, a casetaking method and analysis based on ideas from the Bombay Group and Dr. Rajan Sankaran which is producing extraordinary results for our homeopathic clients.

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  • "Melissa strengthened my confidence in working with this method and sticking to it. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in Sankaran's method."
    Dorit Ratsaby
    Homeopath in New York City and Past participant at Ms. Burch's Workshop
  • "I'm finally beginning to understand this way of working, and it feels so much more integrated than relying on out of context repertory rubrics to guide the way to a remedy."
    Susanne Ziegler
    Homeopath in New Jersey and Past participant at Ms. Burch's Workshop
  • "I quickly learned that Melissa's understanding of this Method of case taking was very deep. She is able to arrive at a profound, energetic understanding of her patients and her ability and willingness to share her method and her understanding is practiced in the same way that she does everything in her life-- with passion, generosity and with grace."
    M. Teresa Bland, CCH, RSHom (NA)
    Editor and Publisher of "The Foundation of the Chronic Miasms in the Practice of Homeopathy" by Henny Heudens-Mast

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