FAQs About Your Homeopathic Treatment

Your Homeopathic Treatment


I'm sure you have questions. Here are the answers to the ones I hear most often...

How does the Sustainable Care Solutions' team work?

The team is made up of three specialist each with distinctive roles. The Master Homeopath takes your case over the phone and focuses on selecting your individual remedy. The Homeopath Practitioner works with you on the case management and follow ups, once again on the phone. The Associate is there for any questions you may have about homeopathy that are not directly related to your own personal treatment. 

What are the advantages of working in a team situation?

We have created a team to reduce the cost to you and provide even better service than the Master Homeopath may be able to provide on their own. Master Homeopaths are prone to burn-out. Sometimes it can take a long time to get an appointment, have your calls returned or receive your remedies, because there is only one person trying to wear all sorts of hats. SCS Care Teams provide a framework to support you and the Master Homeopath, which means they can concentrate on what they do best--Case Taking and Remedy Selection.

But the Win-Win doesn't stop there, the other two members of the team, The Practitioner and The Associate also benefit. As they sit in on the initial calls clients have with the Master Homeopath they are constantly enhancing their Clinical Experience, Case Taking Skills, Case Analysis and Knowledge of Materia Medica. They have told us they consider the opportunity to do this invaluable.

The Homeopathic Practitioner has the time to focus just on your care. This will revolutionize the client's experience of homeopathy. They can help you understand your homeopathic treatment, explain when to repeat the remedy and you also have access to the Associate Homeopath for all the more general questions like: "How do I take the remedy", "Can I drink coffee, still?". The Associate will also help you with appointment scheduling.

So in short, all the SCS Care Team members are delighted with the set up and you get totally exemplary care for an incredibly low price, all on an easy to budget for payment plan.

How do you work on the phone? Wouldn't it be better for me to come to the office?

Remember, we are not making physical diagnoses, the entire Case Taking is language based. In fact, we have found the success rate can be better on the phone, because you can find a private, relaxing place in your own home, with fewer distractions, making it much easier for you to go deeper into the process. Another advantage is that the best Master Homeopaths across the US are accessible to you via the phone, wherever you happen to be.

Why is the service based on an initial consultation with 3 months of treatment?

In 3 months of treatment, you will see significant results, and you will understand how to use this medicine for all conditions for the rest of your life. This way you have guidelines that will serve you way beyond this initial treatment period. You also can use this treatment for any future health challenges, diseases, acute illnesses or even life challenges, such as divorce or bereavement.

What about the money?

There is the $450 initial charge and then 2 monthly payments of $150 each. Most insurance companies will not pay for this, however if your company offers a Health Savings Account you may qualify for a 40% tax reduction. After the initial outlay, once you understand your personal treatment plan and you have your individualized remedy, just think how much money and hassle you will save on doctor visits, medications, supplements, missed work days over the years. In the 2008 Study by Dr. Iris Bell and Dr. Todd Rowe the average person saved over a $1000 a year in reduction of medications and supplements when you use homeopathy as your primary care plan.

How long are the appointments on the phone?

Your first appointment with the Master Homeopath is scheduled at your convenience and will be 1.5 - 2 hours long. The two 20-30 minute follow ups with your Practitioner involve a simple review of how you are feeling and what changes you have noticed in your symptom picture. The practitioner will also give you specific guidance on when and how to repeat the remedy for maximum benefit.

How do I know you are qualified?

We have carefully selected Master Homeopaths to ensure they:

•  Have had full training in Classical Homeopathy, particularly in a clinic setting
•  Hold their certification from CHC (Council for Homeopathic Certification or comparable International Registration)

•  Have an average of 10 years clinical experience
•  Have extensive experience with all types of condition
• Are associated with the Catalyst School of Homeopathy, one of the largest US homeopathy school
• Use Sensation Method (a significant case taking refinement that enhances accurate remedy selection
• Have an average 80% success rate
• Are genuine experts who have authored books, taught students, worked with 1000s of patients
• Are supportive, caring & knowledgeable
• Most Practitioner Homeopaths have their CCH (Certified in Classical Homeopathy) or International equivalent. Associates are working towards getting a CCH and so are the Practitioner Homeopaths who have not completed their certification. The CCH is the US Gold standard. In addition all the homeopaths on our Care Teams have been personally trained by Inner Health.
 • We work with Dr. Hennie Firtzpatrick, MD, on standby to review your case and support your SCS Care Team if needed. Each Master Homeopath will head up an SCS Care Team that will guide you through your treatment every step of the way, making sure you get the vital information you need to return to health. Remember, what is on offer here is not one size fits ALL approach, but individualized, one on one treatment.

What about children who are pre-verbal?

Children often times actually are very similar to one of their parents. Most often it is the mother, but it can be the father.  When this parent describes the child's symptoms they empathize so intensely that it almost sounds like the parent themselves are suffering from the problem. The other parent is a good observer of the situation, but the way they describe it is more detached.  The empathetic parent's remedy can then be used to help the child.

If the child is adopted or the parent is not available then it is possible to get a more general picture and start with a remedy that may not go very deep, but will still help alleviate symptoms until the child is old enough or well enough to tell the homeopath their experience more fully.

Is there a family price?

There is a 15% discount for the next family member, and then 20% for the second or more children or spouse. If the expense is an issue and you want your family treated, please let us know and we will work out a special arrangement. We have never turned down anyone because of lack of funds.

I'm already on a lot of pharmaceutical medications, will this treatment work?

Yes the homeopathic remedy can work with whatever current treatment you are having. It is important that you work closely with your existing doctor if you plan to reduce any of your medications, after improvements from the homeopathic treatment occur.

Are you doctors?

No we are qualified Homeopaths with Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick an MD consultant available, as needed. We are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe medications. You would work with your doctor if this is required.

I've heard that you are not supposed to drink coffee, take mints, etc. Is this true?

Our homeopathic treatment does not require abstaining from these substances. A well selected remedy is usually strong enough not to be easily antidoted.

What about my disease? Are you an expert in my particular condition?

Our Master Homeopaths are experienced with all kinds of diseases. We also have an MD who is consulted, if needed. Homeopathy is trying to understand your individual experience of what the effect is of the disease on you. Our case management does take your diagnosis and current treatment into account, and we work with you to produce an individualized plan for your care. This approach takes into account your disease, your medications so it is complementary and effective.

Do you use herbs? Are you a Naturopath?

Homeopathy is not herbal medicine. Homeopathic remedies are always highly diluted substances from the natural world that match your individual state with a well chosen Homeopathic remedy usually only 2-3 pellets are required to trigger your own body to heal itself.

What happens if the treatment does not work?

First we do everything possible. We'll never stop trying and while we are doing this you will not be charged. We work as a team and all of our teams are here for you, if for some reason one team fails. We will retake your case until we find the remedy that suits you. Our success rate is nearly 80%, so we know that around one in five of our clients will need to get a second opinion from another Master Homeopath on what remedy they need. This is factored into the overall costs and we guarantee. no matter how hard we have to work to find your remedy, the cost to you will not be increased. As long as you give us another chance WE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU.

How do I know this is working?

It is really very simple, you tell us if you are better or not. If you are not then there are many things we can do to help get you on track: change the potency, the repetition, discover if there is an obstacle to cure, or search for a better remedy. We will find the solution, and as soon as you say there is a problem we jump. For instance if a client urgently needs our help we will re-arrange our schedules, overnight remedies, to be available the next day if necessary.

How did you put this great offer together?

Sustainable Care Solutions is the brain child of Melissa Burch. It is the product of a long, careful building process, involving many years of hard work. Melissa has trained hundreds of Homeopaths to improve their success rate, develop their case management skills and maintain clear records for auditing purposes. She and her team of homeopaths at Inner Health have seen a vast range of conditions and know how to get great results.

As one of Homeopathy's greatest innovators, Melissa has always strived to find a way to give exceptional service to her students, fellow homeopaths and her clients. She has personally supervised every homeopath and hand selected those who work on the SCS Care Teams. What she is offering to the public, via SCS, is truly unprecedented levels of care all for an easily affordable monthly payment.

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