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You have a challenge in your life. Maybe it is physical and has been diagnosed as migraines, IBS, infertility. It could also be mental or emotional problem, anxiety, ADD, depression. It could be an overall lack of energy or vitality. It could be a deep desire for spiritual connection and understanding.

The homeopath steps in and through an interviewing process, which can be done on the phone discovers your individual experience of the problem. Many patients start to uncover connections between their physical complaints and another aspect in their lives, like an issue at work. It may be a feeling of being attacked when the weakness of MS returns and at work they feel attacked by their boss when they are late turning in an assignment. They also have dreams where they are running away from an attacker.

This experience of attack is a core experience and it is called the Vital Expression in Sensation Method Homeopathy. This concept is a doorway into the patient's psyche. At this point in the casetaking the best patients take off. It is like they fell through the rabbit hole and they are in a whole new world--very familiar to them but nobody has asked them to describe it before.

As the patient describes this imaginary place, the room's energy shifts, time stops, heightened senses emerge. It is way beyond emotions or metaphors, it is like a living entity arrives that expresses qualities of a substance or phenomenon that exists and is present in the room. There is exhilaration, an ecstatic moment, magic, a happening, and the patient and homeopath are transformed. It is a recognition of "what is," and it is nothing like the telling of a story or sharing feelings. It is dreamlike, consciousness altering and profound.

The homeopath records the language and recognizes an emerging pattern, which indicates if the homeopathic remedy is from the animal, plant, mineral or some other kingdom. The patient gets clearer and clearer with quality words like strike, dark, hiding, slithers, trapped, poisonous, etc. The homeopath can recognize and focus on the exact substance. Eureka! This hypothetical patient needs a remedy from the snake kingdom, and with more detailed analysis needs Naja or cobra.

The moment has arrived where the homeopath makes the prescription and the evolutionary transformation process begins to take on its own momentum. Something in the universe has shifted and the information the patient needs to heal their physical, mental or emotional complaint is in process. This miracle becomes accessible to the patient by finding a Sensation Method homeopath.

The potency of the homeopathic remedy in the Naja case example is at least a 10 M or higher. Many patients will start their journey at a 30c or 200c and have this experience. The best patients are in touch with this experience inside them, but nobody explored or asked them questions about this aspect of themselves before. The cool part about homeopathy is that no matter where you begin, even if it is mostly story and emotions (30c and 200 c potency), you will evolve to the level of Sensation (10M potency or higher) with Sensation Method homeopathic treatment. It is at this level of consciousness that true evolution takes place.

The potencies at different levels are easy to understand with experience. Are you stuck on your story, the facts as you see them, the emotions attached, the symptoms of the disease, even the metaphors or recurrent themes like, "I feel something is wrong with me and that is why I suffer?" This is 30c, 200c or 1M potency, (or Fact, Emotion or Delusion level), and is the basis of most self development work.

The next level is awareness of sensations in the body. The observer is present and conscious of the physical sensations (beyond the common symptoms of the disease). The 10M potency or Sensation Level case is very dynamic when homeopathy is introduced. The homeopathic remedy prescribed at this level acts like a detonator for growth and healing. It is a catalyst and the physical symptoms improve dramatically, and synchronicities become part of daily life. Opportunities show up and the clients have the energy, courage and resources to take full advantage of this stage in their lives. There are constant "aha" moments, wisdom is embodied, and the person embraces service to others without emotional personal agendas.

The best patients know their coping strategies and can transcend them during homeopathic treatment. If you like to hide your problems from others, you inform your homeopath and make an appointment when you relapse. If you are a perfectionist, you tolerate the uncertainties of the journey. If you are impatient, you stick with the treatment.

Now after the first homeopathic prescription, you have entered a new paradigm of healing. It is totally counter intuitive. Old symptoms will return and this time you must travel through them. You cannot use conventional medicine to suppress these symptoms. The allopathic paradigm is to either self prescribe over the counter medications or get prescriptions from your doctor to take away symptoms like reduce pain, suppress coughs, make you sleep, etc. The issue is the side effects that come with these drugs when taken repeatedly or on a long term basis.

The homeopathic process feels energetic, tolerable, not stuck, and when the symptoms feel too much you repeat your homeopathic remedy to reduce the intensity and frequency of the suffering. You have the courage to fully live this traveling back in time.

The reward is enormous--the relief of the chronic condition, revitalized energy in your life, ecstatic experiences, and a new perspective on what it means to be truly healthy. Dreams are significant as issues resolve at the sub-conscious level too.

When you get the occasional acute like the flu (you chose not to vaccinate or to use Tylenol), you'll use your homeopathic remedy to relieve the symptoms, and stay fully conscious as you go through the acute. You will have to take time off of your busy life and reflect. You'll have the wisdom and understanding that the acute is an opportunity for change. It comes in your life to give you a new perspective, better health and a breakthrough.

You understand why most people immediately want allopathic medicine to get rid of symptoms at any cost, but you are a leader in your own healthcare and for your family and friends. You know from experience that there is another way. When the body heals itself with the support of the homeopathic remedy and homeopath, you are healthier and take on more challenges that set you free. This is a courageous path because it is diametrically opposite society's everyday pharmaceutical advertising.

You are a vanguard, a beacon of hope and recognition that health issues are opportunities for transformation and evolution. The homeopathic remedy supports the journey so that you travel through life with more ease, more awareness, and without danger.

Your homeopath is your guide. As your strength returns and you "get it," you become part of a tribe that can truly serve others. You don't just focus on your problem, but can see the interconnection of everything and be a part of the transformation and evolution in humanity. You are one of the best homeopathic patients because you are a teacher, leader in health reform that goes way beyond your personal benefit. You see the costs of the old broken down health system, and can live knowing a better way, walk your talk of embracing the homeopathic paradigm.

You have passion, wisdom and direct experience to share with others. Maybe you even become a Sensation Method homeopath and give back this truly remarkable gift to others!

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