Homeopathic Remedies For Allergies

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Using Natural Homeopathic Treatments for Allergies

Jenny is a fairly active teenager who likes to play sports, especially soccer. But whenever spring or fall comes, she constantly sneezes and gets watery-eyed. These are the seasons that are known for causing allergy symptoms. Her affliction got so bad that she found herself gasping for air a few times when she was running with the soccer team.

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Her symptoms also caused some problems in her social and school life. Jenny hated when people started staring at her red eyes and she would try to avoid her friends. The itch in her eyes sometimes got so bad, she couldn’t stop rubbing until her eyes were swollen and red.   Then she could hardly see the blackboard. Her mom wanted her to stop taking so many medicines and suggested that she try a homeopathic treatment to cure her symptoms.

Jenny’s mom is really into organic foods, and she always warned her daughter about the use of over the counter medications. Jenny, fed up with the inability of prescription and drugstore medicine to cure her, was finally convinced to try homeopathy. While normally having full-blown symptoms of the condition during the the fall season, after she tried

the natural homeopathic treatments, her symptoms almost immediately lessened. By the next fall, she was free from all signs of her allergies. She even forgot how the symptoms of her allergies had affected her previous soccer try-outs. This time around, she was chosen to be part of the varsity soccer team, and her coach even thinks that she is a great candidate for a scholarship.

Allergies can have a serious impact on the life of an individual. This affliction generally known as a short-term inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nasal passages. One of the most common types of allergies is the seasonal allergy. This type of allergy is caused by exposure to certain airborne substances such as the pollens from trees, grasses, weeds, and flowers that only appear at certain times of the year.

The allergens enter the body through the eyes, nose, or throat, which triggers the allergic reaction. For most individuals, the immune system does a good job in responding to the substances. Some people are more sensitive however, and their body’s natural defenses react to the substances as an infectious agent. Their body then responds by releasing chemicals, which leads to the irritation and discomfort that causes the patient to suffer various symptoms like sneezing, watery and/or itchy eyes, and sometimes burning or stinging feeling in the eyes. The symptoms usually appear within 5 to 10 minutes, and they could last for more than an hour.

There have been many pharmaceutical medicines developed to counter the signs of the disease. However, these medicines are expensive, and they can even

cause side-effects for the person taking it. These medications are also prescribed for the symptoms and not the individuals. The safest way to cure diseases like allergies is to use a natural treatment like a homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatments are completely natural, safe, and cost effective. The best part is that the natural cure has no side-effects.  It is difficult to state here which particular remedy to take because there

are many possibilities and the remedy should be carefully matched to the individual taking it, and not the disease, otherwise the remedy will not work.

Homeopathic treatment can sometimes completely eliminate all the symptoms of the disease. A remedy is prescribed in small doses so a patient would not have to keep taking it forever.  With the right remedy, successful relief can come quickly and within a year, symptoms might be completely gone.

Before you go to buy a homeopathic remedy, you should first consult with a professional homeopath. Although there are over the counter homeopathic treatments available, a professional homeopath can better guarantee that the individual is matched with a remedy to their unique symptoms. Homeopaths take into consideration the physical, mental, and emotional condition of the individual to find the right remedy.

Using an alternative treatment such as homeopathy definitely has more advantages than using synthetic medications. As well as being expensive, pharmaceuticals can cause side-effects AND can also cause addictions.

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