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HERE IS A SIMPLE, effective way to understand how you experience life. First, think about your main problem – whether physical, emotional or mental. Then set a timer for thirty minutes and write everything you can about your problem – in longhand. Stick to one problem as much as possible. Keep writing without pausing or thinking. When you reach a point where you feel there is nothing more you can write about your problem, write the question, “What do I mean by?” and pick a key word, phrase, image that resonates with you, sticks out in the sentence, has energy, or is unusual, and then write that word into the question: “What do I mean by [put the idea, word, image here]?”

Keep writing until there is another pause. Then repeat the same question and finding a word to ask: “What do I mean by?” until the timer goes off.

Next, read out loud what you wrote – preferably to a friend, or to yourself. Take a colored pen or highlighter mark every intense word, image, and idea. When you are finished, make a list of all the marked words. Group the words that mean the same thing or have similar ideas. Reread the groupings using this key:

  • If you have mainly words that fit your story or are factual, you live life at the level of your story (Level of Fact).
  • If there are more words indicating emotions, then you tend to be more emotionally-based.
  • If there are more images,

    then your life is at the level of your visions.

  • If there are more sensation words or expressions, you live more at the level of sensation.
  • You may find that your writing seems like nonsense or describes the quality of an energy substance; this is the level of energy that you are able to articulate in your writing and perception.

“Level of Fact” is the most closely related to the material world. Deeper levels of Sensation and Energy are the more

immaterial or energy realms. Change happens at the level of Energy and Sensation first, and then through to the level where you experience the emotions, and finally you can name the problem (example: headache, depression, etc.).

Homeopathic remedies balance and remove the energetic imprint that is causing the suffering. This produces healing at the energetic level and through to the physical and emotional levels.

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