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Inner Health, Inc. is the only comprehensive homeopathic phone treatment service in the United States, as well as one of the largest United States homeopathic education institutions. Inner Health (IH) provides Distance Learning as well as On-Site education including live clinic experience for beginners to advance homeopaths. IH has trained hundreds of Homeopaths to improve their success rate, develop their case management skills and maintain clear records for auditing purposes. IH's team of homeopaths have seen a vast range of conditions and know how to get great results. Inner Health aims to make homeopathy a household word and to have expert homeopaths prepared to care for the public.

Melissa Burch, CCH is the President of Inner Health, based in Cambridge MA and has treated over a 1000 patients with an international clientele. She is the founder of Sustainable Care Solutions, the homeopathic phone treatment service for individuals and employees of businesses. She is also co-founded The Catalyst School for Homeopathy with Christopher Beaver, CCH, where students can graduate with the CHC requirements to get their CCH Certification in homeopathy. She specializes in the "Sensation Method" a unique combination of both classical and modern homeopathic methods. She graduated from two separated schools, both in New York: the New York School of Homeopathy and the School of Homeopathy, New York.

Melissa established Homeopathy in the City, a homeopathic clinic in the St. Mark's Women Shelter in Brooklyn, NY with Susana Aikin, CCH. Melissa worked with Dr. Nandita Shah at the Quiet Healing Center in South India where she studied with the Bombay group, led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran. She co-wrote with Aikin "Dr. Rajan Sankaran's Correspendence Course" and "The Vital Expression: A Manual on Casetaking" a 5 part manual that has been translated in three languages. She was also the Master Prover for the Sea Anemone proving.

Prior to becoming a Master Homeopath, Melissa had a thriving career in international journalism, and reported from Afghanistan as well as New York City. She has been a focused advocate for Homeopathy providing research, lectures, and presentations at conferences and local schools, as well as internationally. In 2007, she produced the first ever radio show exclusively on homeopathy in the United States. She is currently researching how to build a vibrant life by using and applying the fundamental principles of homeopathy to our daily choices. She lives in the first cohousing cooperative established in Cambridge, MA with her husband and son.

Melissa Burch, CCH
Homeopath & Natural Health Practitioner

Inner Health, Inc.
175 Harvey Street, Unit 13, Cambridge, MA 02140
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